Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shared Office Space in Manhattan

Shared office space is a new working trend that threatens to take over the traditional working setting. With these co-working spaces, one can arrive at work and leave without the limitation of traditional working hours. Also, it provides environment that encourages people to interact and exchange skills freely as there is no fear of internal competition. As research has it, employees who work in this shared spaces have a higher likelihood of thriving, in comparison to employees working in traditional offices. However, this is only true if the employees are comfortable. And, to be comfortable, the following factors must be assessed.

Location is a very important aspect to consider before settling on a co-working pace. You should select a co-working space that makes it easy for you to commute from your home to the office and vice versa. This should help you avoid wasting time trying to get to your office.

How much is being charged for the co-working space? It is important that you do not go over budget. However, it is important to note that the cost of a shared working space will in most cases be equivalent to the value obtained. Also, apart from the price, it is important to check their pricing mechanism. Do they charge on a daily or monthly basis? This will help you save money.

Check the office layout and whether it works for you. Also, it is important that you familiarize yourself with other people who will be using the co-working space in the same time as you. Ensure that the environment is work-friendly and that there people working have positive energy.

If you are looking to rent shared office spaces in New York, Workville NYC might just have what you need.

About Workville NYC
Workville NYC is a New York based company that deals in the provision of shared working spaces. Their offices can be found on the 21st floor of the Luxury Building. Workville has co-working spaces located in three main strategic locations, including Bryant Park, Times Square and near all the major transportation hubs.

The Manse on Marsh Helps Seniors Live Life To The Fullest

Assisted Living and Senior Living facilities come in all different types and styles. Some are institutional and some are homelike. Some provide residents with their own apartments and others provide people with shared living quarters. Some assisted living facilities only take private payments and some thrive on Medicaid residents. No matter what type of facility the senior lives in it should have guidelines to follow. The Manse on Marsh is rated very high on the list for following their guidelines and making the facility a great facility for the residents. People enjoy their accommodations but they also like their neighbors. The Manse hosts cookouts and other parties for their residents to enjoy. These types of things give people a better way of life.

The Manse on Marsh is listed on the caring website and the place for mom website for a reason. The facility is top notch. It meets all safety and cleanliness guidelines. The facility works hard to take care of everyone in the facility. The Arroyo Grande community is proud to have such a wonderful facility in their town. The Manse on Marsh facility gives the residents the ability to find things to do and to enjoy including some of their friends.

The Manse on Marsh has many different amenities that they offer their residents. Room service, laundry, housekeeping, and medical care. Each day the housekeeping department mops rooms and empties laundry baskets for the residents. They will do the resident’s laundry if the resident requests this service. The resident can have someone to clean her apartment for her each week if she wishes. Maybe the resident could ask for this service when she comes to be admitted. On admission, the resident will need to answer questions and go through a checkup. Each admission is different. If a resident needs someone to give them their medications, the staff nurse will care plan for this to happen. If the resident needs help showering or dressing, the care plan team will care plan for the resident to receive the help they need. Independence is key to these residents but everyone needs to feel safe and secure.

The Manse on Marsh is only ten miles from the ocean. Residents can enjoy a trip to the coast and finish up with a cup of coffee back at the facility. Watching the sunset while sitting with friends makes the facility worth residing in. Living life to the fullest is the goals of each resident at the Manse.  Contact them online.

Kyle Bass: Investor or Gambler?

Kyle Bass is a long-time member of Wall Street and currently quite bearish on the near-term US economy. He’s gone so far as to say that we have about a 50% chance of a recession. Behind this idea is his belief that, although on paper negative interest rates are good, in the real world they don’t work. To boot, he thinks even a run on the banks could be seen within the next few years.

On political candidates, UsefulStooges were first to write that Kyle Bass thinks that Hillary is the “most sane actor” of the line-up. However he does agree with Trump on the recession – but they agree for different reasons, but he doesn’t seem to specify why. Both definitely agree that there is a large credit bubble in China at the moment – but while Kyle Bass thinks it will lead to a 50% chance of a recession, he doesn’t think it will be catastrophic.

But most of Wall Street’s eyes are on China for the biggest moves in the economy, and Kyle bass has more to say on the country’s economy. One key aspect that Bass hints at is China’s reverse migration – of people leaving the urban landscape and moving to rural locations. He likens China’s slowing growth to what happened in the US in the early 2000’s, when our economy changed over from the internet bubble to the housing market. While we lent out far too large and fragile sub-prime mortgages, it seems China is now following in our footsteps – with $34 trillion in assets, it has less than a third of that in GDP. Thus, Bass believes that China is already within it’s recession, and won’t have a “Lehman moment” of catastrophe.

With all this said, Kyle Bass is not without flaws and faults in his track record. The hedge-fund manager has had a few trip-ups such as the time when instead of blaming and putting focus on GM’s mis-manufactured and mis-installed airbags, he blamed the passengers for their own deaths.

Even more worrisome is his apparent manipulation of some pharmaceutical company’s stock prices. By shorting a select pharmaceutical stock followed by a public lawsuit on patents through shell companies or fronts – Bass makes profit while other’s must wait for their prescription drugs to be manufactured in the face of company lawsuits.