Learn About Don Ressler And His Successful Career As An Online Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is something many aspire to embrace but only those who understand how things work are able to record success. The business world on Crunchbase is a competitive field where only entrepreneurs who come with unique ideas are able to survive. It takes more than injecting funds to rank a business well in the market.

Successful entrepreneurs like Don Ressler offer upcoming investors the motivation to pursue their passion. He began as a small-scale investor and at the time he was still struggling to learn about business and how to beat competition.

With courage and passion to succeed, Don Ressler launched his first business, FitnessHeaven.com, which remains one of the best steps he ever made in business. FitnessHeaven.com allowed him to learn those things he yearned so much to understand about business. The many challenges that came along with running the business exposed on huffingtonpost.com him to new ideas and ways of solving problems. Although the business achieved little success than he expected, he was able to emerge stronger and better for his next move.

In 2001, Don Ressler decided to sell FitnessHeaven.com and Intermix Media pitched to take the business over. During the handover process, he came across the COO of Intermix Media, Adam Goldenberg, whose passion for entrepreneurship matched that of Don Ressler. Due to their similarity in thinking, they decided to try out an idea together. These interactions saw the birth of Alena Media, a company that specialized in offering advertising services.

Alena Media was structured well and within three years after its launch, the business was already profitable. They recorded millions in revenue and this success came as motivation to the duo. In 2005, Don Ressler and Adam made another move that led to the sale of Alena Media to News Corp. This capital allowed them to pursue their next plan, which was the establishment of Intelligent Beauty in 2008.

With previous successes and experience, the duo was more prepared to launch their next business. This led them to establish JustFab in 2010 at https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618, a company that runs a subscription retail for beauty products in different categories. JustFab was financed by several venture capitals to grow. The first round of financing in 2011 came from Matrix Ventures and amounted to $33 million. Further $76 million was received from Rho Ventures and several other companies in 2012 and this money was used to finance the expansion of the company to cover Germany, the UK and Canada.

Dick DeVos’s Wife Betsy Is A Member Of The Incoming Trump Administration

President-Elect Donald Trump has been assembling quite a team to head into Washington when he starts his first term in the oval office, and among them is Betsy DeVos, the wife of longtime entrepreneur Dick DeVos. Betsy was chosen in large part because of the work she and Dick did helping to fund private and charter schools, and working to pass school of choice laws.

Betsy is also the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party, and through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation the DeVos’s have supported Republican think tanks such as Action Institute and Heritage Foundation. They currently manage an investment firm called The Windquest Group. Read more: How and why the DeVos Family Gives Away Billions

Dick DeVos grew up in a business-minded family, and his father is Richard DeVos Sr., a co-founder of the family company Amway Corporation, and owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic since 1991. Dick grew up seeing the ins and outs of Amway’s operations, and after getting his degree at Northwood University started working as a company manager.

Eventually he became an executive vice president and took over as CEO when his father stepped down. Under Dick’s leadership, Amway started a parent company called Alticor, and soon they had a presence in over 50 countries across the globe. His final year as CEO saw sales generate around $4.5 billion. Learn more about Dick DeVos: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/dick-devos

Dick started his endeavors to reform education in 1990 when he ran for the Michigan State Board of Education. He only stayed in that office for 2 years, but he began to lead efforts for school of choice laws and voucher programs.

His wife Betsy helped start the family foundation, and soon the Education Freedom Fund started helping underprivileged children afford private schools. In spite of a failed effort to start a state voucher program in the year 2000, the DeVos’s did start bringing in more support for charter schools, and in 2010 they founded the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

Dick helped fuel a revitalization project in downtown Grand Rapids through Grand Action Committee. He also ran for governor in 2006 when he became unhappy with then Governor Jennifer Granholm’s agenda. He narrowly lost that race, but he began an effort to change state laws on labor, eventually leading to the passing of the 2012 right-to-work law.

Dick and Betsy also donated to the Kennedy Center’s art institute which was shortly thereafter renamed for them. Dick is also the author of Rediscovering American Values, a 1998 New York Times best-seller.

What You Should Know About Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen is an investment expert who is a Brazilian banker. Currently he is working as a chief executive officer of Bainbridge investments. As an exceptional investor he has provided undependable advice to the people who have followed his advice to the latter. During his times as a banker he helped in creation of profit at times of financial crisis which is a major problem. He is known for his excellent achievement that he attained due to its outstanding behavior of being ahead of the pack always. He was always ahead due to his immense knowledge of the investment in Brazil.

In addition, Igor has proven to be a remarkable expert in the world of banking since he has managed to work for various banks as a manager. Specifically, he has played the biggest role in the outstanding growth of the economy of Brazil. He also believes that Brazil can play an important role in terms of investment in the world. As an expert he has immense ideas of different types of investment therefore people look up to him for investments ideas. In the process he molds investors in different ways such as upholding the value of patience, undertaking extensive research of the companies they want to invest in and also making right decisions.

Igor has told on WordPress that he believes that investments that creates profit regularly are the best compared to those that take long because great risk is faced due to huge investments. He further advice’s for several chains of investments which highly prevents investors from future losses. For this experiences he is used as a good example to the investors and due to all this he is the right person to provide advice.

Igor Cornelsen is among the few people who believes in not only working hard but also working smart. He is absolutely the right advisor.  There’s further information about Igor on Wikidot, which covers a massive portion of his career up till now.