Securus Technologies: Securing the Community

Securus is a Dallas based technological company that is providing telecommunications services to correctional facilities across North America. They are servicing over 1.2 million inmates, and they are the trusted partners of more than 3,000 correctional facilities. They have been working with their clients for more than a decade, and they are considered to be one of the leading companies when it comes to the prison telecommunications services. Their main products include devices and software that allow communication within the facility and with the outside world, and they also created a video calling technology that is considered to be one of the fastest in the planet. They are also known for securing the prison and the community by the use of their products.



Officials and authorities from all over the United States have expressed their gratitude towards the company and sent a number of letters saying how Securus Technologies have helped them with their jobs. According to the letters, the technologies introduced by the company is being used to prevent and solve crimes, and they are also used to track down inmates who they think is performing illegal activities inside the facility.



Along with the officials and authorities, the citizens have also expressed their gratitude towards Securus Technologies, stating how they felt safer with the introduction of their products. Some of the stories involved in the letters receive include the recording of a phone call from an inmate which prevented a prison riot, a recorded phone call from a suspect talking to one of the citizens while giving instructions on what to do to hide him from the police, and so much more. Securus Technologies stated that they are dedicated in protecting everyone and they will keep on developing new products that will be used to secure the community as well as the correctional facilities from danger.


Million Dollars To Help Tampa Bay Humane Society Thanks To Bob Reina

Bob Reina is owner of Talk Fusion but more importantly, he is an animal lover. This is important for the people of Tampa Bay. For those who live in the Tampa Bay area, it is vital that people like Bob Reina exist. The people like Bob Reina are brought in for a gala held each year and those in attendance are asked to make a contribution to the humane society.


It is his own beliefs which keep Bob contributing each year. In fact, in the start of this year, Bob donated $250,000 dollars to the humane society and when they came up with an idea to create a vet clinic that would be used by those who do not have the means to pay for a vet, they asked Bob if he would like to help. Because he is such an animal lover and believes that we have to help those who are unable to help themselves, he continues to offer support to the humane society.


After being approached with the idea, Bob went on to donate another #750,000 to help them build the vet center. Bob does more than just contribute money to the humane society. He is also an avid pet lover with 11 of his own pets.


Bob has brought in 5 strays in the sense of dogs and the rest are stray cats that he has found and rescued. When asked if he would be contributing to the housing of more pets, his reply was that he is unable to without the need of hiring another housekeeper to keep up with the amount of pets. Currently there are 2 housekeepers that are hired to keep the house clean from dander and hair that is shed by that many animals being in the home.


Bob has a love for strays so much that when he found a small pup missing a leg from an attack by an alligator, he knew he had to help him out. He brought him home and introduced him to the group and decided that he would be there until his final days. Learn more:

Gregory Aziz Contribution in Making National Steel Car Great

When it comes to railroad freight cars, North America has the leading manufacturers. National Steel Car is the number one manufacturer of rail tank cars in Canada and across North America. The company is headed by Gregory James Aziz who purchased the company way back in 1994 from Dofasco. National Steel Car has an experience of over 100 years in making unbeatable rail cars that meet many clients’ needs.


Greg James Aziz was born in Ontario way back in 1949. He attended Ridley college and later joined the University of Ontario where he majored in economics. After his education he started his career at his family food business; Affiliated Foods. He held various roles at the food service company and his impact made the business realize significant profits within a short period. He was able to make Affiliated Foods the leading importer of fresh foods from different parts of the world such as Europe. He later moved to New York where he worked on Investment banking opportunities that made him accumulate massive wealth.



Greg J. Aziz wanted to diversify his investments. He decided to invest in the leading railroad car manufacturer in Canada. Gregory James Aziz invested heavily to improve all operations at National Steel Car. He knew with advanced technology and excellent engineers National Steel Car would be more competitive than it was. He hired the most experienced engineers in the industry who also wanted to be part of the products the company was engineering.


This made the company boost their production capacity annually to 12000 from just 3500 rail cars. With advanced technology, National Steel car was able to engineer customized rail tank cars that meet flammable fluids transportation companies’ needs. Big companies like Canpotex contract National Steel Car for rail tank cars and they appreciate the services the railcar manufacturing company provides. Find More Information Here.



Gregory Aziz leadership has made the company improve the quality and production capacity of National Steel Car. The company got railcar manufacturing certification in 2008 and is the only one and first one in the whole of North America. The certification put the manufacturer in a better place to continue with excellence in engineering and manufacturing of railroad freight and tank cars. National Steel Car has received many awards for excellence in the railcars industry such as the TTX SECO award. Gregory Aziz is also a philanthropic businessman. He has sponsored many charity events such as Theater Aquarius, The Hamilton Opera as well as several local charities.


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Gregory Aziz, Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been a leading company in the engineering industry in the world. It is a leading company in North America. National Steel Car has been in the industry for many years. It was started in 1912 and have ever since been in the engineering business, the company has been very productive. It has achieved success than any other company in the world. National Steel Car based on a foundation of offering quality products to the clients. This is a goal that it has successfully achieved. National Steel Car has been dealing with the production of railroad freight cars and tank cars.



The management of National Steel Car has been responsible for the current improvements that we have seen in this firm. The current management is led by a man known as Gregory James Aziz. He joined the company at a time when the production of the company had gone down. After he joined, he made sure that he put up measures that would make the company a great company. Greg’s dedication to making the company great has been the reason the National Steel Car has improved. He has been very keen on making the company a great company. He came with expertise that the company was lacking in the previous management.



National Steel Car has been doing very well since he took over the management of this company. He has implemented measures that are intended to make the company the best there is. Gregory James Aziz made sure that he employed the best engineers in the country. These were the people who were tasked with coming up with measures that would make the company resume its production capabilities. Under the management of Greg Aziz, the company have revolutionized its operations and are the results have been clear. The production capacity of the company has jumped from 3500 to over 12000. The company has been doing very well. There have also been improvements in other sectors if the company such as the workforce. There over 2000 workers who have been employed.

See This Page to Learn More.


Gregory Aziz was born in Ontario, Canada in 1949. He has an Economics degree from the University of Western Ontario, his education in Economics have enabled him to come up with measures that have developed the company into a leading company in the world. National Steel Car is now a big company in the region and has been doing very well. Gregory Aziz is the man to be credited with the success of this company.



Jeff Yastine Shares His Notion on Cybersecurity

     In early 1865, Horace Greeley, a presidential candidate was associated with “Go West, young man.” The prominent newspaper editor was targeting the civil war veterans. Historically, the conflicts had just come to an end, and the ex-servicemen were in dire need of new opportunities to earn a living. However, according to Jeff Yastine, today, Horace’s famous slogan may be rephrased to “Go cyber, young man and woman.”

Currently, online computer security is the new big deal. For those with the know-how, they understand the pressure in place when it comes to meeting the demand which already surpasses the labor-force. According to The Frost & Sullivan consulting, if the situation is not handled today, by 2020, the shortage of workforce will have risen to over 1.5 million. Also, a renowned British group shares the same idea with Jeff and insists that by 2022, the shortfall will have hit more than 1.8 million.

According to Jeff, online security is a career worth attention. The money side of the profession is more than tempting for one to jump in. For instance, a chief officer can make over $200000 annually which is more than enough to tackle the modern economy. On the other hand, a lead engineer is likely to pocket about $225000 or even more.

Often, people insist that the internet technology came to the rescue of many sectors. One of the dark sides of the invention is cyber security which has affected thousands of individuals across the world, whether small or significant. According to records, many companies are spending a vast sum of money in the so-called cyber-security. Therefore, according to Jeff Yastine, cyber-security is a sector with huge promises come today and the future.


About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a celebrated editor across the globe due to his involvement with Banyan Hill Publishing Company. The company has been in play since 1998. With the assistance of Jeff, the publishing company has grown into a multimillion worth of fortune. Jeff is responsible personnel within the organization as he plays a significant role when it comes to defining its primary objective.

Jeff schooled at the University of Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Telecommunications degree (majoring in electronic journalism). Concerning experience, Jeff’s career path has provided more than what is necessary. The talented chap has worked in the various distinguished company serving multiple top positions. Jeff joined Banyan in 2015. However, his presence within the organization was profoundly felt due to the numerous and informative articles he has been associated. The talented Editorial Director has been an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent due to his outward effort.

Greg Aziz’s Leading Railcar Manufacturing Company, National Steel Car

Greg Aziz is the CEO, Founder, and Chairman of National Steel Car which is among the leading railcar manufacturing companies. This company’s location is in Hamilton, Ontario, where a team does all activities from designing to production. Greg Aziz was born on April 30, 1949, to a loving family. He went to Ridley College for his education and later joined University of Western Ontario where he majored in Economics.


In 1971, he joined his family’s wholesale food business which took 16 years to grow into a worldwide importer of foods and a distributor to the wholesale market in Eastern Canada and the United States. Gregory J Aziz worked with several investment banking institutions which enabled him to purchase the National Steel Car in 1994 from Dofasco. He aimed to make it one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Through the company’s teamwork, capital investment, manufacturing, and engineering capabilities, by 1999 it was able to manufacture 12,000 cars per year from 3,500 previously. Also, more than 2000 people became employed to work in the company due to its expansion.


Currently, the National Steel Car is one of the leading car manufacturers all over the globe and has still kept improving to be the leading company. James Aziz believes they do not need to rely on achievements that have passed but rather listen to their customers to be able to provide what their customers want and remain to be the leading railcar manufacturer. Also, they are focused on offering quality products, become the best company, stay determined and honor traditions to achieving its goal and success. Go To This Page for more information.


Greg’s company has over 100 years’ experience in manufacturing and engineering thus created the trust to its customers. They always provide quality cars, and this has made them win the TTX SECO award for a while. To this extent, National Steel Car is the only railcar company in North America that has certified ISO 9001:2008. Greg Aziz has been able to achieve the company’s success by ensuring they keep challenging themselves to provide the best cars to their customers.

Above all, Greg James believes they have been able to achieve their success through the support of their customers and their relationship with their suppliers who have never let them down. Also, the employees have always committed themselves and worked with integrity to provide the best to build the company. He has created revenue of more than $50 billion with all these people who have made him believe success is achieved as a team and not an individual.


How CEO Gregory Aziz Turned National Steel Car into the World’s Best Railcar Manufacturer

National Steel Car is an outstanding engineering and manufacturing firm founded on the tenets of commitment, passion, and vision. The award-winning railroad freight car manufacturer has an experience dating back a century. The Canadian firm has remained steadfast in the quest for excellence and commitment to delivering top-notch products and services to its global customers.


Exemplary Leadership Pays!


Whereas many railroad car manufacturers have ended up winding their operations, National Steel Car continues to post impressive sales and revenue figures. The success of this railcar company is directly attributed to the brilliant strategies developed by its CEO and President, Gregory Aziz. Mr. Greg James Aziz has been instrumental in forging lifelong relations with their esteemed customers.


Since taking over in the mid-nineties, James Aziz has pulled all strings to ensure that National Steel Car only employs the best railroad freight car and tank engineers, accountants, IT experts, and other core personnel. Additionally, the shrewd CEO, Greg Aziz, has spared no expense in making sure that the company acquires the most advanced equipment and technology to streamline the manufacturing processes.


Awards and Accolades


Twenty years down the line, the hefty investments undertaken by NSC have paid off, many times over. Today, the persistent railroad freight car company is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified firm in North America. They’ve grown to have a staff of 3,000 dedicated professionals serving in various capacities. Under Gregory James, NSC increased their manufacturing capacity from a modest 3,500 freight cars in 1994 to a whopping 12,000 cars by 2000. The innovative company has scooped the TTX SEO award for ten years in a row.


All the railcars coming out of their production lines have met and exceeded the strict AAR requirements. NSC’s best-selling products are the 25,500G, 29,000G, 30,500G general purpose railcars, auto racks, center beam, and coal platforms. Here’s a link for those interested in learning more about the award-winning railroad car company. On the company’s official website, you’ll also find info on career opportunities open at National Steel.




National Steel Car is very keen on giving back to the locals in Hamilton, Ontario. The company sponsors a myriad of charitable events and causes that touch on the lives of thousands of folks in these communities. Apart from empowering the locals with well-paying jobs at the railroad freight car company, NSC also sponsors the Hamilton Opera, the Salvation Army, the United Way and local homeless shelters. Get More Info Here. Get More Information Here.

National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz’s Passion and Determination

Gregory James Aziz leads National Steel Car as its Chief Execute Officer and board chairman. National Steel Car is among the world’s largest engineering firms that manufacture railroad freight cars. The company has been in the engineering and manufacturing sector for more than a century.


Gregory James Aziz


Gregory was born in 1949 in London. He attended Ridley College. Later on, the man studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, he joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s business. He watched the family business grew into a global player in the fresh food market. His family business’ success inspired him to buy National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz grew the company’s productivity from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars in five years.


National Steel Car


Headquartered in Ontario, the company is the leading railroad tank and freight car manufacturer in North America. Greg James bought it in 1994 from Dofasco. He says that he and his team are always challenging themselves. He further believes that the organization’s deep sense of purpose is what drives the team. Everyone at the company adheres to its core values.





Greg Aziz claims that National Steel Car is the only North American railroad car company with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The firm, according to Gregory J Aziz, has consistently won the annual TTX SECO award for the last ten years.



Company Strengths


James Aziz’s company derives its strength from the loyalty and support of his customers. Another factor that contributes toward the railcar maker’s strength and sustainability is good supplier relations. Moreover, the company enjoys unwavering commitment from its 2000-strong army of employees. The CEO commits to continue building quality railcars to retain his customers’ trust and business. See This Page for More Info.



Forward Ever


James Aziz recognizes that National Steel Cars cannot afford the luxury of resting on its laurels. He remains proud of what the company has been able to achieve, though. At the same time, the corporation continues to push forward in unrelenting determination. Given its steady customer base, committed workforce, and reliable suppliers, nothing can stop the firm.



Greg James Aziz’s enthusiasm, passion, and focus have resulted in continuing engineering success. With the optimistic CEO at the helm, things can only get better. Focus, excellent customer service, employee commitment, and well-managed supplier relationships potentially deliver success.


Gregory Aziz Leads The Way For National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been providing state-of-the-art railroad cars for more than a hundred years now. This is an iconic company that is based in Canada.

Greg Aziz was born and brought up in Canada. He had always wanted to grow and expand National Steel Car. Aziz is well aware of the rich legacy of this company. But he knew that just resting on these past laurels will not help. In order to take this company to newer heights, a new vision and innovation will be of paramount importance.


James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He has a new vision for this company. He is focused on quality products and service. He is well aware that he cannot manage this on his own. In order to achieve his vision, he requires complete dedication and commitment from his team. Today, National Steel Car is known for the unmatched quality in each of the railroad cars being produced by it. This is the reason why they have bagged many orders for new railroad cars. These orders are worth millions of dollars. Besides adding to the profit, this has also helped National Steel Car to generate more jobs for its people.

Greg Aziz had always been preparing for this position. This is why he holds an MBA degree. He had studied economics in college. Now, this education is helping him to look after his company well as he leads it to new heights.


He never started his career with this company. Rather, he had joined his family business of importing foods. Then these foods were sold in various wholesale markets. During his tenure, the company grew and expanded well. This increased the revenue figures and made his family business a well-known name in Canada.


Then he decided to move out of his family business. He joined the Wall Street. He was very successful there. Greg Aziz managed to make a lot of money. Besides, he was giving his expert financial advice to individuals as well as companies. During this time, he came across National Steel Car. He interacted with the people working for this company and was highly impressed. This was when he decided to join this company. He was interacting with people who were in high positions in this company.


Greg Aziz is known for his vision and extraordinary leadership skills. These have helped his company grow better. Learn More Here.

The Career Of Matt Badiali Has Made Him An Expert Geologist And Financial Analyist

     Matt Badiali uses an approach that is hands-on, and enables him to talk to everyone. This is effective for his research, and investment prospects. His work has led him to Switzerland, Turkey, Haiti, Singapore, Hong Kong, Iraq, Papua New Guinea, and numerous destinations in the world. He has visited the world’s oil wells, and mines, analyzed geologic data, and conducted interrogations concerning the latest prospects for resources with CEO’s. He discovered the only way to understand what is happening is to see it personally, including everything from company results to local politics. He will not believe an investment is safe unless he has seen it himself.

Due to the training Matt Badiali has received as a geologist, he can identify red flags best noted when on the ground. This includes the length of time a crew requires to drill a hole, or the smoothness of the operation. The biggest expense for most small companies is the drilling process. He can determine the potential, and health of a company by watching the drillers work. For more than a decade, Matt Badiali has combined his investment training with his knowledge as a geologist to find great profits. He worked for a drilling company as a geologist, and for an environmental company as a consultant before coming to Banyan Hill. He attended Penn State University where he earned his B.S. in Earth Sciences, and his Masters in Geology was obtained at the Florida Atlantic University.

Matt Badiali has been studying natural resources for more than twenty years. He is considered an expert in the agricultural, energy, and mining industries. To make successful investments in natural resources, he has explored abandoned mines, owned oil wells, and worked on drill rigs. His research has taken him from Singapore to the Yukon. He is expected to know the latest trends, discoveries, and technologies by experts in precious metals, resource investors, and the CEO’s of mining companies. Matt Badiali has met T. Boone Pickens, the oil man of legend, talked to Pan American Silver’s Chairman, Ross Beaty, and the CEO of Sprott U.S. Holding is a personal friend. He has taught geology at the University of North Carolina, and Duke University, presented his finding to companies including Exxon Mobil, Anadarko, and at major geologic conferences. Although he admits most of the traditional financial analysts have a tough time in the sector, his experiences as a financial analyst, and a geologist have made his navigation easy.