Eli Gershkovitch is Pioneering the Canadian Craft Brewery Industry

There’s no doubt that the craft beer phenomenon is here to stay and only getting bigger. According to Paste, 2016 was a very impactful year for the beer industry. The Brewers Association released a report stating that craft contributed $67.8 billion to the U.S. economy. Looking at these numbers you can see why other countries are jumping into the business.


Canada is one of those countries. In 2015, Paste noted that Canada had $9 billion in annual sales and Eli Gershkovitch is leading that craft beer charge. In 2013, Gershkovitch expanded his brewpub into a full-scale brewery called Steamworks Brewery and Company in Vancouver.


Gershkovitch isn’t new to the brewery game. He was ahead of the trend when he opened his brewpub in 1995. He went to law school and before practicing law, he decided to do some traveling in Europe. It was in Europe, in 1987, that his dream of owning a brewery was realized.

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Eli Gershkovitch did open his own law firm after exploring Europe but made sure to keep the vision of his craft brewery in mind (Interview.net). He grew his law firm and also his brewery idea simultaneously. When he finally opened Steamworks, the brewery only seated about 180 people and today it can seat about 750 people. Being able to expand to four times its original size can really catapult someone into doing great things. Gershkovitch’s goal is to revolutionize the beer industry.


One way he stays innovative is by creating flavors that win awards, such as, the brewery’s pumpkin ale which won a gold medal at the 2013 Canadian Brewing Awards. Their Flagship IPA took four years of production before being released to the public. What makes this IPA unique is the combination of Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic hops. The flavor is described as tropical with a pinch of bitterness.


Needless to say, the flavor of beer is what gives the drinker a complete experience. As CEO of Steamworks, Gershkovitch knows how important this is as the IPA isn’t the only beer that took a while to produce. In fact, all their beers take years to make showing a level of dedication, innovation, and creativity.


It’s safe to say that Gershkovitch isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Even in his free time, he is not stationary. His hobbies include flying his airplanes and his vintage cars

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Masterful entrepreneurship with Glen Wakeman

With a 21-year career in business and finance, backed up with international awards from the six countries he’s lived in, and in the 30 countries where his companies operate, one can say that Glen Wakeman is a masterful entrepreneur. He’s done it all in the world of business, reached the top and the right news is that Glen Wakeman shares the blessing he received from his hard work, not only by giving back but also by teaching and inspiring others who wants to make it to the top of the world of finance and business like him. He is able to do this because, not only is he a writer, but because he is also an executive mentor and this allows him to share his insights to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Throughout Glen Wakeman’s fruitful and long career as a board member, financial services manager, small business owner, investor, and a public company CEO. Glen has helped more than 17,000 employees with their success and development. With more than $15 billion dollars in assets, Glen has been able to revolutionize his company’s business. He guides beginners in the world of entrepreneurship and is one of the most influential businesspeople and founders in the local industry. Among Glen’s many works, his biggest accomplishments include divestitures, start-ups, M&As, new market entry, and growing companies’ potential.

As mentioned above, Glen is a writer, and he is fond of sharing his knowledge with his frequent blog posts. He usually writes about how the world of business is being transformed day by day, with emerging new markets and international affairs (Inspirery). He also doesn’t shy on giving free advice on strategy, leadership, capital raising, and angel financing. His public tips and a number of posts that are dedicated to Glen sharing his experience with his followers are some of the main reasons why he is so loved by the community.

Glen got his diploma in BS Economics and Finance at the University of Scranton and has an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance. Today, Glen is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he founded it in 2015 and has grown the company a lot since then.

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Gregory Aziz Greases The Wheels of Success of Canadian Train Car Manufacturer

One of North America’s largest railroad car manufacturers, National Steel Car of Hamilton, Ontario, has been among Canada’s top three rolling stock companies for some 100 years – but this venerable company never reached truly spectacular heights until it was purchased by Gregory James Aziz in 1994.

Greg Aziz is the current CEO and Chairman of National Steel Car – a robust company that was building a respectable 3,500 cars per year in 1994, but then soared to a production rate of 12,000 cars by 1999 after Mr. Aziz took control. Employment at the company grew from 600 to 3,000 good paying jobs.


Tripling the rate of manufacturing for a train car operation is not what you might expect from a man who got his start in the wholesale food business. Affiliated Foods was the business of Greg Aziz’s family, which he joined in 1971 after graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics. During his 16 years with Affiliated Foods, Mr. Aziz helped transform a small family operation to one of Canada’s premier food distribution businesses.

Moving on from Affiliated Foods, Greg J. Aziz plunged into the world of banking in New York City, perhaps the world’s best training ground for building business skills, mastering the art of financing and discovering new ways to grease the wheels of industry. It was train wheel that Greg Aziz decided to lubricate when he arranged for purchase of National Steel car from Dofasco in 1994.


To energize what was already an established, steady company into a true manufacturing powerhouse, Greg Aziz focused on strong engineering capabilities, team-building, human resource management and capital investment to inject new life into a company that had been chugging along since 1912. Today, the results speak for themselves.

Beyond generating jobs and building the highest quality train cars in the world, National Steel Car is the only railroad freight ca company in north America that is certified as ISO 9001:2008, and remarkably, has managed to maintain this honor for 18 years straight. Mr. Aziz’s company has also been given the distinction of maintaining the TTX SECO highest quality award since 1996 – again, an amazing achievement not easily accomplished in any industry.


Gregory J. Aziz has long been generous with spreading the success of his company to his Hamilton community where he provides generous support for numerous charitable organizations. Go To This Page for more information.


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Greatest Success in Greg Aziz’s Life

National Steel Car is one of the world’s leading engineer and manufacturing company for railroad freight cars. It has its location in Hamilton in Ontario; Canada. The great accomplishment for the enterprise is also partly due to its current CEO, Chairman and President Greg Aziz. Greg James Aziz was born in London in the city of Ontario in Canada in the year 1949 in April. He attended the Ridley College in his country and later joined at the University of Western Ontario where he was able to gain focus in the study of economics.


At the age of 22 in the year 1971, Greg Aziz joined the Affiliated Foods Company; a wholesale food company which belonged to his family. In the period of sixteen years in the company, Greg Aziz assisted the company to grow and become a worldwide importer of fresh foods from Central, South America, and Europe and distributed the foods to major fresh food wholesale markets across Eastern Canada and the United States. He later left and went into getting jobs in different investment banks in New York City for around ten years.


In the year 1994, Greg Aziz made one of his greatest life-changing accomplishments by purchasing the National Steel Car Company from Dofasco. Greg Aziz had his primary aim set to transform the company from just one Canadian industry to a leading railroad freight car manufacturing company in North America. The company was able to transform through human and capital investment and team- building efforts to become a leading railroad freight car manufacturer. Among its greatest achievements, the company expanded its capabilities from manufacturing 3,500 cars per year to manufacturing 12,000 cars by the year 1999. It also increased employment from approximately 600 employees to an almost 3,000 employees. See This Page for more.


National Steel Cars leads in new car innovations, and 2008 became the only freight car manufacturing company certified by ISO and has held this honor since then. It has also been given the highest awards from TTX SECO and has held these honors since the year 1996. Greg has said that his primary focus is the quality production of goods as the market will come on its own. The company values the Hamilton Community by giving various charities and has also sponsored the Hamilton Opera, Theater Aquarius, and the United Way. Gregory James Aziz and his wife Irene are also sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair which is Canada’s most leading agricultural fair.


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Louise Chenevert’s Achievements

Louis Chenevert is the Senior Advisor at Goldman Sachs Group who has been seeking opportunities in aerospace and Industrial sectors. He is also a Chief Advisor to many business enterprises. He has played a great role in business mergers, acquisitions and also the integration of markets. Mr. Louis has been of great significance in Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division by raising its credit, and real estate funds for investing all over the world.Richard A. Friedman, the manager in Goldman Sachs, acknowledged Mr. Louis for his in-depth know-how and his fantastic records of enhancing investment efforts through the creation of shareholder value.

Louis Chenevert is also a business person and the former CEO of the United Technology Corporations. UTC is an American company which is involved in manufacturing and development of technology products which are of high quality. He has worked with General Motors as a General production manager over a period years.

Louise got elected as the president when he joined Pratt and Whitney Canada after serving it for few years in 1993. He exercises governance in the company as an obligation of his leadership roles. He, together with the current CEO Gregory Hayes focuses on a business which will increase future investments and advanced technology. According to them, company administration and management imply people’s innovation as well as procedures followed.

Chenevert, upon joining the United Technologies Corporations business, came up with ways of generating and increasing the profit margin through market shares. In 2006, the American economy was facing instabilities, but Louise managed to bring fantastic achievements. He believed that any CEO must be able to deliver some measurable results in the short –terms but should as well focus on the long-term future of the company. His ideas made the United Technology Corporations overtake once powerful industries such as Bethlehem Steel, RCA, and Zenith.

Louis encouraged UTC to adapt products which were more friendly to the environment. He also allocated staff work according to their capabilities, and this led to high growth in the economy.

Chenevert is also a role model for many entrepreneurs who have been applying his ways of doing things to achieve success in their businesses. He contributed to greater impacts on the corporate world even after he left the business. In every company that he worked, he led to the general improvement of the enterprise.