Bridget Scarr – One UK Based Creative Director You Need to Know

Bridget Scarr is a UK-based creative director. Her current role is the Executive Producer at Colibri Studios. Here Bridget is responsible for content development. Colibri Studios is focused on creating engaging stories by partnering with Global Production partners and broadcasters while also bringing on board the best experts in their field. Through in-depth research and technology-based strategic thinking projects at Colibri that Bridget is involved with are focused on entertainment and lifestyle programming.


Before becoming the executive producer at Colibri Studios back in March of 2016 Bridget worked as a Partner and Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media based out of South Africa from January of 2008 until December 2015. Pollen Creative Media specializes in digital and broadcast solutions as well as advertising. During the same time that Bridget was employed with Pollen Creative Media, she also held the role as the Co-Founder, Head of Production and Financial Producer of Zero Point Studios also in South Africa. Zero Point Studios specializes in creating and developing both 3D and 2D animated entertainment series for children.


From March of 2007 to January of 2008 Bridget was also a TV Producer with Bite Animation out of the Johannesburg Area of South Africa. Her career in media, however, started back in April of 2005 when she began her journey as a Production Manager for Urban Brew Studios. Here she was responsible for production management of Amstel Salute of Success, the “You’re Hired” show as well as various different commercials for both Playgirl and Playboy deodorant. She worked on shoots conducted by Urban Brew Studios all across Africa including in Uganda, Nigeria, Egypt, and Ethiopia. Before starting her career in the media and entertainment niche, Bridget Scarr obtained her BA in Drama from Rhodes University where she also studied Music, Psychology, and Journalism.


As you can see Bridget’s love for being in media and entertainment is quite evident. This can be seen not only in her career history but also in the devotion and passion that she puts into every project that she is involved with in her current role at Colibri Studios in the UK.


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