Securus Technologies’ Facility Customers Comment on Using Technology to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies Company has announced its plan to acquire JPay, Inc. Securus Technologies has signed a definitive Stock Agreement of Purchase to acquire JPay, Inc. JPay is one of the leading market technology solutions providers which introduced emails, payments, and a host of entertainment in the correction space. The company has released numerous entertainment and educational apps to the correctional market and operated in more than 40 prison systems in the United States.


Rick A. Smith, Securus Technologies CEO and Chairman, said that this transaction would aid company’s long-term dream of growth. For this reason, Securus will become one of the fastest growing companies serving the corrections market regarding secure payments and emails. He also says that the company can offer any software-based high-end technology needed by any correctional space to operate a modern space. For a long time, Securus Technology has admired the services offered by JPay. JPay has proved to be an innovative force in the correctional industry for long. Securus has watched their continued growth and success. For this reason, this acquisition came at the most opportune moment to combine their teams and products to develop a strong force for innovation. According to Smith, the best place to reach out help for is Securus Technologies because of their renewed leverage. If you want the best goods at best price, you will make the right decision by contacting Securus Technologies.


JPay’s CEO and Chairman, Ryan Shapiro, said that the company provides a consistent success in valued products. His team of professionals is dedicated to realizing the development of the enterprise. The main focus of JPay is to develop high-end products that can be adopted on a massive scale. While Securus Technologies backs them up, they will make it happen. The relentless pursuit of success and innovation has placed the company at its current position.