Personal Cyber Security in Association with Rubica Company

Personal Cyber Security is an essential to every state. Over the years hacking is rising at a very high rate, the hackers number is increasing on a daily basis because it’s slowly turning into some people’s way of surviving. Hacking destroys many lives, as a victim of hacking; you become devastated and would even cause depression.

Cyber security is not only affecting individuals but also companies and governments. Hack attacks if not well taken off could have an adverse impact on the economy globally. Research carried out in 2015 showed that 90% of premium business industries are not equipped with facilities to protect themselves from malicious software attacks.

In the year 2013, more than 3000 companies privacy was compromised by convicts. The hacks cost about US$400 globally annually. This attack led to a conference of more than 29 countries and 200 organizations, with internet service providers to innovate more efficient and reliable solutions of cyber hacking. The hacking criminals are now sophisticated and have significant expertise in their malicious work making it difficult for internet service providers; this is because some of this hackers are certified computer science graduates, with all the know-how of how to manipulate networks.

Just like entrepreneurs; hackers do not operate on speculations. Hackers do their research well before deciding who their target will be (this is their market niche).They, therefore, attack the most critical information of individuals or institutions. The information they take may adversely affect the parties involved if it mistakenly lands in public hands, opponents for those in politics, and competitors or clients for those in business.

The last time my computer was hacked. I was so afraid of reporting the case even after paying a lump sum. The silence was out of the fear that reporting the case would lead to the hackers releasing my details, to the wrong people (WhyRubica). Personal Cyber Security is, therefore, a department that needs special attention. The good this is that Rubica Company is your partner in protecting any damage that may be caused by malicious software from enemies. Rubica software monitors all the goings-on of your gadgets. In the case of any ransomware, the software alerts you immediately. It makes it possible to turn down any issues that could have come up if the information would have been leaked.

Hacking is on the rise and could lead to devastation. However, there is no need to worry because with Rubica Software you and your family are well protected from the hackers ( Rubica is your partner in personal cyber security.