The Inspiring Vision of Malini Saba

Malini Saba may not be a household name, but she should be. As one of the world’s predominant female philanthropists and investors, Saba is paving the way for low-income women worldwide to see the importance their contributions can make. Ms. Saba is the chairperson of Saban, a company that holds diverse worldwide investments in technology, oil and gas, and real estate. She is also the Founder of Stree: Global Investments in Women, a non-profit inducted with support from both Queen Noor of Jordan, and former President Bill Clinton. Stree offers women the opportunity to obtain healthcare, legal protection, and gives them a platform to have a voice in public policy. In addition, Saba has given generously to various causes, including $1 million towards the startup of the Heart Research Center for South Asians at El Camino Hospital located in Mountain View CA., and $10 million towards the surviving areas of the devastating 2004 tsunami that struck parts of India and Sri Lanka. She began investing in Silicon Valley in the 1990’s and has since invested in over 20 tech companies including PayPal Inc. and Netscreen Technologies.
Malini Saba is no stranger to the struggles facing low-income women and their families. Born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Saba grew up in Australia and at the age of 19 relocated to the U.S. with just her determination and $200 in her pocket. Saba and her former husband lived in a small apartment next to the railroad tracks that would shake with each passing train. Her husband was a student at Stanford University, and this allowed Saba to sit in on lectures free of charge. From there she managed to make her way into assemblies of investment bankers and received advice on how to invest her savings.
Saba believes the focus on education is the key for women to succeed. Through her company Stree, she has granted scholarships and financed female enterprises. Saba’s dedication to her vision, empowering women across the world to find their strength and courage is inspiring. After reading her blog post, I felt encouraged and motivated. With women like Malini Saba emboldening women and giving them the tools they need to flourish, women are not only becoming part of the future; they are helping to create it.