Gregory Aziz Leads The Way For National Steel Car

National Steel Car has been providing state-of-the-art railroad cars for more than a hundred years now. This is an iconic company that is based in Canada.

Greg Aziz was born and brought up in Canada. He had always wanted to grow and expand National Steel Car. Aziz is well aware of the rich legacy of this company. But he knew that just resting on these past laurels will not help. In order to take this company to newer heights, a new vision and innovation will be of paramount importance.


James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer of National Steel Car. He has a new vision for this company. He is focused on quality products and service. He is well aware that he cannot manage this on his own. In order to achieve his vision, he requires complete dedication and commitment from his team. Today, National Steel Car is known for the unmatched quality in each of the railroad cars being produced by it. This is the reason why they have bagged many orders for new railroad cars. These orders are worth millions of dollars. Besides adding to the profit, this has also helped National Steel Car to generate more jobs for its people.

Greg Aziz had always been preparing for this position. This is why he holds an MBA degree. He had studied economics in college. Now, this education is helping him to look after his company well as he leads it to new heights.


He never started his career with this company. Rather, he had joined his family business of importing foods. Then these foods were sold in various wholesale markets. During his tenure, the company grew and expanded well. This increased the revenue figures and made his family business a well-known name in Canada.


Then he decided to move out of his family business. He joined the Wall Street. He was very successful there. Greg Aziz managed to make a lot of money. Besides, he was giving his expert financial advice to individuals as well as companies. During this time, he came across National Steel Car. He interacted with the people working for this company and was highly impressed. This was when he decided to join this company. He was interacting with people who were in high positions in this company.


Greg Aziz is known for his vision and extraordinary leadership skills. These have helped his company grow better. Learn More Here.