Gregory Aziz’s Exquisite Leadership That Transformed National Steel Car

The engineering and manufacture of railroad freight cars has always been a salient aspect of the American economy. One of the most dominant players in this realm is the National Steel Car. Under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the Hamilton, Ontario-based company has gained a majestic reputation and has turned out to be the leading engineer and manufacturer of railroad freight cars in the America.


Having been born and raised in Ontario, London, Gregory Aziz acquired his education in some of the best schools in London; he went to Ridley College and furthered his studies at the University of Western Ontario where he graduated with a Masters in Economics. His exquisite entrepreneurial skills began to be manifest in 1971 when he joined Affiliated Foods, a wholesale food business that was being run by his family. The family business grew remarkably and gained prodigious popularity all over Europe with Greg J Aziz at its helm.


Being a graduate who majored in Economics, Greg Aziz tossed himself into the Banking field for approximately 10 years, and while venturing into this field, he made several investment opportunities in New York City. However, in 1994 Gregory Aziz envisaged doing something different; he pulled several strings and landed a deal that enabled him to acquire National Steel Car from another corporation known as Dofasco.


Even prior to this procurement, the National Steel Car was a company with magnificent engineering capabilities and exceptional human capital investment. These were some of the pertinent factors that Greg J Aziz sought to capitalize on in order to transform the company from a continental status to a world class status. Quite successfully, he refurbished the company’s status to what it is now being referred to by most commentaries: ‘the world’s leading’ engineering and manufacturer of railroad freight cars.


Ever since Gregory J Aziz took over the leadership mettle of the National Steel Car as its Chairman, President and CEO, the company has recorded tremendous improvements in various aspects. To begin with, the company initially employed only 600 staff; but five years under his leadership, the company had recorded an increase of up to 3000 employees. This was just a tip of the iceberg; the most incredible aspect of improvement was with regard to the manufacture of the railroad freight cars. The company started manufacturing 12000 cars from a mere 3500. Visit This Site for more info


It is no coincidence that James Aziz has acquired such resounding popularity in the car manufacturing industry. He is definitely a man with majestic reputation after leaving significant imprints in the field at the helm of National Steel Car. It therefore suffices to assert that the company’s success can only be attributed to his transformative leadership skills.


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