Jeff Yastine Shares His Notion on Cybersecurity

     In early 1865, Horace Greeley, a presidential candidate was associated with “Go West, young man.” The prominent newspaper editor was targeting the civil war veterans. Historically, the conflicts had just come to an end, and the ex-servicemen were in dire need of new opportunities to earn a living. However, according to Jeff Yastine, today, Horace’s famous slogan may be rephrased to “Go cyber, young man and woman.”

Currently, online computer security is the new big deal. For those with the know-how, they understand the pressure in place when it comes to meeting the demand which already surpasses the labor-force. According to The Frost & Sullivan consulting, if the situation is not handled today, by 2020, the shortage of workforce will have risen to over 1.5 million. Also, a renowned British group shares the same idea with Jeff and insists that by 2022, the shortfall will have hit more than 1.8 million.

According to Jeff, online security is a career worth attention. The money side of the profession is more than tempting for one to jump in. For instance, a chief officer can make over $200000 annually which is more than enough to tackle the modern economy. On the other hand, a lead engineer is likely to pocket about $225000 or even more.

Often, people insist that the internet technology came to the rescue of many sectors. One of the dark sides of the invention is cyber security which has affected thousands of individuals across the world, whether small or significant. According to records, many companies are spending a vast sum of money in the so-called cyber-security. Therefore, according to Jeff Yastine, cyber-security is a sector with huge promises come today and the future.


About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a celebrated editor across the globe due to his involvement with Banyan Hill Publishing Company. The company has been in play since 1998. With the assistance of Jeff, the publishing company has grown into a multimillion worth of fortune. Jeff is responsible personnel within the organization as he plays a significant role when it comes to defining its primary objective.

Jeff schooled at the University of Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Telecommunications degree (majoring in electronic journalism). Concerning experience, Jeff’s career path has provided more than what is necessary. The talented chap has worked in the various distinguished company serving multiple top positions. Jeff joined Banyan in 2015. However, his presence within the organization was profoundly felt due to the numerous and informative articles he has been associated. The talented Editorial Director has been an Emmy-nominated anchor and correspondent due to his outward effort.