Masterful entrepreneurship with Glen Wakeman

With a 21-year career in business and finance, backed up with international awards from the six countries he’s lived in, and in the 30 countries where his companies operate, one can say that Glen Wakeman is a masterful entrepreneur. He’s done it all in the world of business, reached the top and the right news is that Glen Wakeman shares the blessing he received from his hard work, not only by giving back but also by teaching and inspiring others who wants to make it to the top of the world of finance and business like him. He is able to do this because, not only is he a writer, but because he is also an executive mentor and this allows him to share his insights to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Throughout Glen Wakeman’s fruitful and long career as a board member, financial services manager, small business owner, investor, and a public company CEO. Glen has helped more than 17,000 employees with their success and development. With more than $15 billion dollars in assets, Glen has been able to revolutionize his company’s business. He guides beginners in the world of entrepreneurship and is one of the most influential businesspeople and founders in the local industry. Among Glen’s many works, his biggest accomplishments include divestitures, start-ups, M&As, new market entry, and growing companies’ potential.

As mentioned above, Glen is a writer, and he is fond of sharing his knowledge with his frequent blog posts. He usually writes about how the world of business is being transformed day by day, with emerging new markets and international affairs (Inspirery). He also doesn’t shy on giving free advice on strategy, leadership, capital raising, and angel financing. His public tips and a number of posts that are dedicated to Glen sharing his experience with his followers are some of the main reasons why he is so loved by the community.

Glen got his diploma in BS Economics and Finance at the University of Scranton and has an MBA from the University of Chicago in Finance. Today, Glen is the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, he founded it in 2015 and has grown the company a lot since then.

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