National Steel Car: Gregory Aziz’s Passion and Determination

Gregory James Aziz leads National Steel Car as its Chief Execute Officer and board chairman. National Steel Car is among the world’s largest engineering firms that manufacture railroad freight cars. The company has been in the engineering and manufacturing sector for more than a century.


Gregory James Aziz


Gregory was born in 1949 in London. He attended Ridley College. Later on, the man studied economics at the University of Western Ontario. After graduating, he joined Affiliated Foods, his family’s business. He watched the family business grew into a global player in the fresh food market. His family business’ success inspired him to buy National Steel Car. Gregory J Aziz grew the company’s productivity from 3,500 cars to 12,000 cars in five years.


National Steel Car


Headquartered in Ontario, the company is the leading railroad tank and freight car manufacturer in North America. Greg James bought it in 1994 from Dofasco. He says that he and his team are always challenging themselves. He further believes that the organization’s deep sense of purpose is what drives the team. Everyone at the company adheres to its core values.





Greg Aziz claims that National Steel Car is the only North American railroad car company with ISO 9001:2008 certification. The firm, according to Gregory J Aziz, has consistently won the annual TTX SECO award for the last ten years.



Company Strengths


James Aziz’s company derives its strength from the loyalty and support of his customers. Another factor that contributes toward the railcar maker’s strength and sustainability is good supplier relations. Moreover, the company enjoys unwavering commitment from its 2000-strong army of employees. The CEO commits to continue building quality railcars to retain his customers’ trust and business. See This Page for More Info.



Forward Ever


James Aziz recognizes that National Steel Cars cannot afford the luxury of resting on its laurels. He remains proud of what the company has been able to achieve, though. At the same time, the corporation continues to push forward in unrelenting determination. Given its steady customer base, committed workforce, and reliable suppliers, nothing can stop the firm.



Greg James Aziz’s enthusiasm, passion, and focus have resulted in continuing engineering success. With the optimistic CEO at the helm, things can only get better. Focus, excellent customer service, employee commitment, and well-managed supplier relationships potentially deliver success.